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Over a quarter century ago the founder of WeatherTite Inc., Jeff Stewart, began his career as a chimney and masonry service provider. Jeff understood that in order to succeed, he had to provide the best possible service experience for his customers and use only the finest products. He quickly learned that although he could control the service aspect, he had no control of how well products performed.

About Us

He was disappointed time and time again with products that did not meet his high level of expectation. He dealt with inferior coatings that did not hold up to the weather. He dealt with water repellents that offered great warranties but poor performance. While these companies always honored their warranties, Jeff eventually decided that what he really needed were good products and not just a good warranty. After exhausting searches for better products, nothing met Jeff’s incredibly high standards. Some companies said what he wanted was not possible. Jeff refused to accept that answer and quickly realized that the old adage was true, “ If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself”, so he did it himself.
WeatherTite was founded, the best chemical engineers were hired and the quest to produce the absolute finest masonry weatherproofing products began. Over three years were solely dedicated to extensive product development. This development faze included lab and field testing , hundreds of formulas, failures and successes and all before even one product was sold. The rewards of this patience paid off. WeatherTite products are now the industry standard of performance. While WeatherTite warranties are the best in the industry, so is our quality and performance. Jeff learned a valuable lesson when he opened his first company. “Warranties make you feel warm and fuzzy when you first purchase a product. However, superior product performance is the true standard of excellence that will keep customers coming back for more.”It’s no wonder that millions of homeowners and thousands of contractors trust only WeatherTite products to get the job done every time.
Although Jeff is not climbing on roofs anymore, his philosophy on service has not changed. He still demands that his company offers the best possible customer service experience combined with only the finest products available today. If you share these principles and want products you can depend on, give any of the WeatherTite products a try. You will not be disappointed.


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  • Four chimneys were repaired at our facility over 10 years ago using Flexible Crown and WaterTite. They were inspected today and still look as good as the day they were repaired. Incredible Products!

    Rick Koehn IWLA, Centreville Va

  • Thank you for the recent follow-up. Yes, we are completely satisfied with all the products. After trying many others, it is a relief to finally find a Water Repellent that actually performs as promised.

    Bill Colonna Milestone, Baltimore Md.


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